Togs: What is the biggest difference for You between living in London and living in Your home in Poland?
Magda: There is a lot of differences actually… But the biggest one is freedom. In London you can be anything you want to be while in Poland if you distinguish yourself people treat you as a freak sometimes.

T: What is the difference in terms of fashion and style?
M: Well, one sentence comes to mind: Fashion is commonality, style is individuality.

T: How people in Poland perceive fashion and their own style?
M: That’s a really hard question actually. I’ve been living in London 4 years already. Unfortunately had some health issues last year and went back home for 6 months to recover. This period has allowed me to see how is the life in Poland now. In my opinion they follow fashion but they don’t have their own style. They’re wearing what other people wears. As for the style most of them are a bit afraid I would say to create their own “different style” – coz street style is different, unusual style. So if you’re different – you’re a freak in other people eyes. It’s like a circle, you know.

T: I know what You mean. What inspires You in terms of fashion?
M: Awww I love 90s, retro and vintage fashion. But also Australian DJs NERVO and Anne Marie. They were my source of inspiration last time 😉
T: What You find interesting in Your job? What You like the most in Zara as a brand?
M: Obviously this is not my dream job but this duty gave me opportunity to meet people from all around the world. I have friends from almost every corner of the world. That’s actually great feeling when you can share your culture and experience with friends from Asia, Australia, Africa or America.

T: What do You like the most in Zara?
M: Haha staff discount card of course 😀 Also the place where I work – Kensington. We deal with customers like Adele, David Cameron, Angelina Jolie or Mr Grey ❤ (to all his female fans: he is not that tall as he looks like :D)

T: What surprised You the most when You changed Your job and started working in fashion retail?
M: The biggest surprise for me was Boxing Day in Oxford Street hahaha 😀 I’ve never ever in my life seen such a big rage crowd to be honest!! 😀 But since I’m working in fashion retail I realised that I’m wearing clothes which few years ago I would have not even looked at. That’s strange and it’s surprising me till now…

T: You have a lot of tattoos, what is Your attitude toward them? I mean why You like them? And what do You think before You get tattoo?
M: Haha 😀 that’s funny tho! Coz few of them I don’t like anymore! When I was younger just wanted to get tattoo. Doesn’t matter what to be honest and now I have to cover some of them. But have an idea for full sleeve and want to do it ASAP 😀 coz I love tattoos and piercings ❤ and here in London people don’t judge you because you’re inked. You’re free. So do what you want to do. Don’t listen what others are saying about you. Fuck it! Be yourself. Always.
I keep dancing on my own, and you?
Thank You Magda! Great shoots and great conversation ❤

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