The fairytale about baloons, sequins and fur

Do you know this fairytale? The seven mountains, the seven forests, in the kingdom city of London there lived a girl named Monica. The very last night of the carnival arrived, and Monica dreamed about to go for extraordinary ball. This night is famous from it unforgettable feasts which take place in beautiful recesses of London. The night which becomes a day. When you can meet new, friendly fellows from around the whole world. Night when you can dance till a dawn, because you feel awake and your feet won’t hurt. When you can drink how many glasses of bubbles you can and there will be no hangover. In one word this night is pure magic. But Monica was new in London. She didn’t know what to wear, what behove and what not among great companions. Fortunately this fairytale happened in XXI century, and Monica was a smart girl, so she new what to do. She opened her computer and typed into a browser: ‘Carnival. Help. What to wear.’ And this is what she found:

The Togs – Good fairies who knows the magic close

And will conjuct for you fashionable clothes

We will add a bit of jewelery

Any occasion is not for us a mystery

Monica didn’t wonder any longer, and asked for help magical fashion specialist. They showed up really quickly. And they took with them everything necessary for unforgettable party: balloons, sequins and fur. They twisted around Monica, muttered few spells: Hocus-pocus, abracadabra, viva la vida…. And puff! They conjured the most beautiful ensemble.

And Monica was a Queen of The Night.

Fortunately this fairytale happened in XXI century and fairies had a camera. Otherwise you won’t probably believe.

The (Happy) End.

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