Tea Party

TheTogsStreetStyleBlog_Monica-9 TheTogsStreetStyleBlog_Monica-8 TheTogsStreetStyleBlog_Monica-7 TheTogsStreetStyleBlog_Monica-6 TheTogsStreetStyleBlog_Monica-5 TheTogsStreetStyleBlog_Monica-4 TheTogsStreetStyleBlog_Monica-3 TheTogsStreetStyleBlog_Monica-2 TheTogsStreetStyleBlog_Monica-1 Shirt – Glamurous, Top Shop / Shoes – Graceland / Bag – Asos / Bow – Primark / Glitter socks – H&M

There is magic even in everyday ordinariness. You can find it between maze of London buildings and in big city rush. You just have to stop for a second and start to celebrate this everydayness. Recently we found an unique corner in inconspicuous place. Monica was our guide, and today you will become part of our secret. It’s five o’clock and it’s a tea time. It’s time for unusual tea party. On the roof of the world.

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