Spring with Simoni

Hello all! Welcome after a long break! Did you miss us? This silence might looks like we went on holidays but actually it was opposite – work, work, work… Since The Togs begun we have come a long way and here we are finally with new website and clarified ideas for this place. If you want read more about this click here and here. And then feel welcome to browse our posts. And let us know what you think!

In our first post on after break you will meet Simoni. Together we will take you to a secret, green garden, where we were celebrating first sunny days. Our meeting created vernal and very feminine photo session. All thanks to unique beauty of Simoni (oh, that hair!<3) who is a Greek from Cyprus. Simoni is really delicate and warm women, with really feminine style which is mix of boho and chic. She picked for this session an amazing flowery maxi dress with long sleeves. She matched pale, delicate high heels and violet clutch designed by her. Yes! Simoni is a designer and accessory maker. What is more she weaves material which she use later to create her bags. But more about this process you will read soon in our post from series The Togs Talks. In the meantime you can see more of Simoni’s style picks on her blog: FASHIONABEROSE BLOG. xx

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