Morning Glory

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Aurita // Top: Top Shop / Trausers: Zara / Shoes: New Look / Bagpack: Zara

Mirella // Top: Top Shop / Blazer: Top Shop / Wide trousers: Top Shop / Shoes: River Island / Bag: Borrowed from Mum <3

Two beautiful women.

Two beautiful souls.

Today you will get to know Aurita and Mirella. They met 2 years ago in London and since it happeened they hearts knew that they belong to each other. They love to play with fashion and one of their hobbies, besides dancing salsa, is making pictures of colorfull outfits. You can find theyre work on instagram: Mireyeraella & Auritafr

Outfits was chosen by girls

Place: Wringer and Mangle – – Thank you so much for delicious tea!


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