People says that here, in one city you can find whole world... and this is truth. This huge city enraptures with incredible architectures, the crowded streets of center London and the empty mystery corners. As one city has its quarters, they are like separate lands. Some are raw and covered by graffiti, some are subtle and elegant. Forests, parks are besides skyscrapers and under airplanes. The days are busy and with crazy nights. This feeling of freedom, creativeness and opportunities are in the air ready to be taken by handThere is endless source of inspiration and most comes from Londoners themselves. People from around the world who choose this city to be their home fill the city with their beautiful appearances – faces, hairdos and what ways they are dressed... is extraordinary sense of style! Mixing colours, fabrics and layers! Pieces of different clothesshoes and accessories together in beautiful ensembles is all eye opening to answer the questions: What is Fashion? What is style? They are contemporaryfresh, authentic and original. Stop with us for a minute to observe. Peoples appearance are telling their stories. Together we can listen. Do you hear them 


#Street Style 

Streets are the most important part of the cities, they are irreplaceable part of everydayness, where we meetwhere we live. For some the streets are a place of art and of the most amazing cat walk. Where everyone is a model, carrying their own brand  their own style! Much more than fashion industry is showing right now. We believe that street style truly belongs to the people who don’t have big budgets but find replacements of designer names in local shops, flea markets, vintage shops, online clothes swaps or simply – sewing the clothes themselvesPeople who has imagination, creativeness and courage to choose clothes to express themselves. This is what we love about fashion and mostly London streetstyleHere we are finding inspirations of which designers are popular, learning how to use that inspiration to trend forecast. Would you like to find inspirations too? 


#We Are Fashion 

We truly believe that all of us have real influence on fashion. Our choices create trends! We are the voices of what we want to wearwe are a part of new history for fashion which belongs to you, to us, to everyone. There is no canon of beauty anymore. We are all beautiful as we are and we have sense of inimitable style. We are here for you, to share ideas of a london senses of street style picks from the people

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