The Togs Blog:

At the beginning The Togs was just a fashion blog inspired by street style…

But now, step by step, we want to create unique place where every girl can be a model. Where every girl can share her style and her story. And where every girl can find some ideas suited for her.

Lets create this unique space together!

The Togs Team:

Behind The Togs is duo of best friends who had met in Collage in Cracow (Poland). After finishing school our roads separated, but we always stayed in touch. After few years our lives again connected, surprisingly, in London. One of us is passionate about photography other half is passionate about fashion. Both we love to spend time together, meet with new people and talk about fashion.

Meet us closer:



Since I was a little kid I always liked pretty things and symmetrical shapes.
As a teenager I used to download thousands of beautiful, inspiring pictures.
That’s how I have developed my photography sense over the years.
I’m rather observer type. I prefer to listen rather than talk. I like simple solutions, classic food and good music.
I have small circle of friends and one Big Love. Ok, two…
Nowadays it’s so simple to show other people around the world what I really love and do.
My head is full of dreams, I have a colorful soul and an eye for details.


There is something beautiful and meaningful in the way people dress and how they look. It has always fascinated me, but only here in London I came across an endless creativity and freedom of people’s appearance. Here as well, I had a possibility to start working in fashion industry and to start understand it. These two influences pushed me to made a decision to connect my life with fashion. So here I am.

My second love and endless source of inspiration is music. I am fascinated by big spectrum of electronica and different kind of alternative. My everyday fellows are books, as I am a bookworm and I am reading whenever I have a spare minute. When I have a little bit more time off I am usually travelling. I love new places and I love to get lost in big cities. But all of those would be nothing without my people. Best man in the world – my husband, my family, my dear friends here in London and those who stayed in Poland, and amazing people who I have met here. Their time, support and laugh make me feel lucky and incredibly happy.

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